Cause and Effect – Choosing a Winning Ticket

Cause and Effect – Choosing a Winning Ticket

Many people can be attracted to the temptation of winning a big jackpot. Who doesn’t want to win the lottery today or at another time in their lives? The phone rang and a panicked voice, almost so excited that the other channels were almost out of breath. Believing that the call was a joke or an obscene caller, the call must have been a few seconds after being returned to the phone.

Anxiously waiting for the person to speak, it was a friend who told us that he had just won the lottery excitement and euphoria followed for the next 15 to 20 minutes until we finally calmed down. With a very low chance of winning, and personally pondering the question of how his chances of winning can result in a choice of numbers that makes him an instant millionaire. In other words, why was he blessed with that much wealth – how did he do it? Judi Slot Online

The first thing that comes to mind is that he is just “lucky.” However, for most individuals, luck is something that occurs through the power of intention, conscious effort on the part of the recipient to achieve the desired goal or outcome. Another way of expressing this is that he happened to be in the right place at the right time, and through cosmic alignment of forces beyond our ability to understand, he crashed into the jackpot. What about the fate to win, could he be chosen to win because of his own destiny?

If someone believes in a higher power, this will mean that God shows kindness to one individual or group that conflicts with another – and we all hear that God does not respect people. Finally, one can conclude that through his own actions, beliefs, and overall intention, he is the cause and finally the effect of winning the lottery “against the odds” with a single ticket that wins.

The fact is, after extensive consideration, one cannot determine with certainty why or how he might end up with a winning ticket. However, looking further into the principle of cause and effect, it can at least be sure how such events could occur in his life – and in anyone in our lives in this matter. Universal law is always impartial. It is based on or continues to act on the level of energy that is projected toward our highest ideals and receives a response regarding our deepest desires.

There are causes and effects of everything that happens to us, whether negative or positive and there are many conditions between these two extremes. Let’s discuss why cause and effect can play an important role in choosing the right combination of numbers that led to the big win.

Before his luck, I had experienced many difficulties, disappointing circumstances, and well, it could be said that he had only reached the lowest point. He lost his job for eighteen years, recently suffered a bitter divorce where his wife ended up with children, piled thousands of dollars in debt, lost him at home for seizure, and was in a life-threatening car accident where he was right minutes of death.

Through all of that, I have maintained a healthy positive attitude to my amazement, and believe that as long as I am alive, I will dedicate my time to helping others. He mentioned that he wanted to be rich someday, and if given another chance, he would be responsible and responsible for everything he planned to achieve. I have told me that he has never played the lottery before and only played that time because he really wanted to get out of debt and have hopes of getting his life back in order. Now, could this humble attitude and character be a precursor to winning the lottery – only God knows. There are three events that exist now that can cause victory numbers:

1) Based on the above, the “cause” is in full effect, which includes a burning desire to receive a blessing.

2) Any cause requires “action.” I have acted on his intuitive conscience which caused him to buy a ticket.

3) He “believes” that he has a winning ticket – the effect of playing the lottery in the first place.

However, if he does not have the three elements “cause, produce action, and ultimately produce the effect of believing, namely winning,” there is no way he can win. In fact, this involves everything in life that we achieve or achieve. Obviously, gambling is a serious illness and playing any game in the hope that prize money must be considered wisely before active participation – there are risks involved in addiction and loss of control

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